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Mastering signals is the secret life mission of wireless antennas.
Views:229 Date:2018-11-12
  Cable devices are the lifeblood of the network—all other devices in the network depend on it. The antenna is the transmitter of the network information, and it is the energy of all the devices, because only he can make the device work normally.
   Wireless network devices such as wireless network cards, wireless routers, etc. all have their own wireless antennas. There is also a unique wireless antenna. Because the antenna of the wireless device itself has a fixed distance limit, when the distance exceeds this limit, the external signal line is used to enhance the wireless signal to achieve the purpose of extending the transmission distance. It generally includes two types of directional and omnidirectional antennas.
   Directional antennas are only sensitive to signals coming from a particular direction, and the transmitted signals are also concentrated in a particular direction.
   An omnidirectional antenna can accept signals from various angles and radiate signals to various angles.
   The wireless network has the characteristics of “can only change the wireless access point and the wireless terminal as long as it is within the coverage of the wireless signal coverage; at the same time, to newly join the wireless terminal, only the wireless receiving device (wireless network card) is separately installed, It is widely used in many fields.
   The structural mode of the wireless network can be divided into two types: point-to-point and basic mode. Only one wireless access point, one terminal signal receiving point, and one normal computer can be set up on the hardware device. Flexible and convenient.

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