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Q: What is power line carrier technology?
A: Power line carrier communication is a special communication method that uses power lines for voice or data transmission. According to the power line voltage level, it can be divided into: high voltage power line carrier communication, medium voltage power line carrier communication, and low voltage power line carrier communication. At present, low-voltage power line carrier communication is widely used in the fields of local communication, security, building automation, etc. of power users' electricity information collection systems.

Q: What is micropower wireless communication?
A: In the general sense, as long as the communication transceivers transmit information through radio waves and the transmission power is limited to a small range (generally below 100mW), it is called micro-power wireless communication. Micropower wireless communication is relative to wireless communication such as television towers, GSM/CDMA/PHS.

Q: Where are the Feimin carriers currently applied, and what is the effect?
A: Zhonghui Carrier is mainly used in Henan, Shanxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Jilin and other markets. The market has shipped more than 1 million pieces, especially in Weisheng's non-electrical market, and the effect is good. Taking Shanxi Xiangning County as an example, the success rate of daily meter reading is stable at 98% or above (the part of the meter that cannot be copied back is not communicating).

Q: What is zero-crossing detection technology? Does Feimin chip use zero-crossing detection for carrier communication?
Answer: Household appliances have not been activated when 220v AC zero crossing, that is, the power line equipment has the least impact on the power line environment. When the power line is zero-crossed, the 3.3mS differential period of the most favorable transmission is synchronously transmitted, which is better than simply using the spread spectrum. The communication capabilities and stability have been greatly improved. Zhonghui 421kHz chip uses zero-crossing detection technology, while 270 does not adopt zero-crossing detection technology

Q: Which indicators do you need to test for communication performance during the prototype test of Zhonghui carrier communication products?
Answer: 1) Communication frequency
      2) Transmit power or maximum output level
      3) Communication success rate
      4) Receive sensitivity
      5) Resistance to impedance changes
      6) Anti-noise
      7) Signal to noise ratio

Q: I have other questions, how to consult and get an answer?
A: If you need further information or have other questions, please leave a message in the "Customer Message" section or send an email to, we will respond as soon as possible.
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